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Im Tomczyks book 'The Home Computer Wars' )there is only a short 
paragraph on it.
( page 15

 >Chuck Peddle's briefing was hastily moved up, and he began his 
briefing with a rundown on his
 >hottest research project, a new color computer which he called the 
ColorPET. Until now, the
 >engineers had been calling the machine by its code name TOI 
(pronounced toy), which stood for
 >Tool Of Intellects.
 > [...]
 >Still, the features of the new computer were impressive 80 columns, 
color, high-resolution
 >graphics, programmable function keys, four-voice sound and music, an 
improved built-in BASIC
 >(the programming language), expandable memory, and special connectors 
for outside accessories
 >such as game joysticks.

Am 07.06.2013 10:48, schrieb Michał Pleban:
> Hello!
> Are there any details on the TOI hardware specifications? The "Secret
> Weapons" website is very vague on this subject.
> Regards,
> Michau.
> Jim Brain wrote:
>> Here is Michale's response:
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>> The prototype on the table in front of Chuck Peddle (April 1, 1980 - my
>> first day with the company, which is described in my book) - was
>> code-named the TOI.
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