Re: reading data from G64 track

From: Greg King <>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 16:48:45 -0400
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From: silverdr; on Thursday, May 30, 2013; at 2:35 PM -0400
> On 2013-05-30, at 19:10, Pete Rittwage wrote:
>> Yes, each track can be considered a closed loop of data, just like a
>> real
>> disk.  It is usually good practice to have the track splice occur at
>> this
>> loop as it was written on the floppy; but, that is not always possible
>> to
>> determine.
> Now, that makes it even more complicated (just when you thought
> it was safe).
> So, I have always to wrap around when I potentially miss some data
> at the end of the track.

"Mirror" the track buffer.  (Think about Commodore's I/O chips and their 
"shadow" registers.)  Double the length of the buffer; and, store each byte 
twice (starting at the beginning of the buffer, and at the halfway spot).

Then, your program won't need to care where the track seam happens
to be -- there is no wrap-around!

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