Re: Eagle-Libraries for commodore-stuff (... and maybe others, too)

From: Nils Stec <>
Date: Sat, 04 May 2013 20:41:29 +0200
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Ive worked a bit on the lib and updated it. Im already writing a list of connectors, a lot is still missing. I will add as much as i can and then write a list oft the ones still missing. 

I hope it is okay for you, that i cant add IEEE connectors from eagle because of license issues.
Either we leave them out or draw it by ourselfs.

I know for most of us the connectors have priority, i will respect that and work on the connectors from now on.


Jim Brain <> schrieb:

>On 5/4/2013 12:18 PM, MichaƂ Pleban wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Jim Brain wrote:
>>> Are we talking about the same lbr?  I see C64_USERPORT-CONN and
>>> C64USERPORT-EDGE listed in the parts
>> OK, right, I overlooked it.
>>>> , DIN sockets for IEC / video
>>> These are in the std libs:  con-hirschman
>> Not exactly. I pulled this lib and the connector is not 100%
>> I mean, the signal pads are OK, but not the grounding pads in front
>> the connector. Their spacing is different than what I have in my DIN6
>> sockets I bought while back, and different from I can see on my C64
>> board. You could cut these shielding pins before soldering the socket
>> and it would work properly, but it's not the best solution :-)
>Fair enough.  Someone (Magervalp, maybe) sent me an update for the 
>conn.  I'll dig it up and send it to you and the OP.  It has both sets 
>of holes, to accommodate both sets of ground pins.
>> Besides, this is the thing: maybe some of this stuff is there, but
>> need to know the Eagle libs inside and out to know where to find them
>> there's just so much of them I wasn't still able to look through them
>> all. So maybe the lib should not necessarily contain all these parts,
>> but it would be very useful to compile and put online a list where
>> should look for them.
>I meant to note the same thing on my last post.  Yes, a primer on where
>to find all the conns and parts is essential.
>>>> / power, C116 DIN
>>>> sockets,
>>> I think those are in there as well.
>> No, not in the Hirchmann lib. Only full size DINs are there, not
>Ah, my bad.  mini_din.lbr has them.
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