Re: Eagle-Libraries for commodore-stuff (... and maybe others, too)

From: Michał Pleban <>
Date: Sat, 04 May 2013 19:18:22 +0200
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Jim Brain wrote:

> Are we talking about the same lbr?  I see C64_USERPORT-CONN and
> C64USERPORT-EDGE listed in the parts

OK, right, I overlooked it.

>> , DIN sockets for IEC / video
> These are in the std libs:  con-hirschman

Not exactly. I pulled this lib and the connector is not 100% compatible.
I mean, the signal pads are OK, but not the grounding pads in front of
the connector. Their spacing is different than what I have in my DIN6
sockets I bought while back, and different from I can see on my C64
board. You could cut these shielding pins before soldering the socket
and it would work properly, but it's not the best solution :-)

Besides, this is the thing: maybe some of this stuff is there, but you
need to know the Eagle libs inside and out to know where to find them -
there's just so much of them I wasn't still able to look through them
all. So maybe the lib should not necessarily contain all these parts,
but it would be very useful to compile and put online a list where one
should look for them.

>> / power, C116 DIN
>> sockets,
> I think those are in there as well.

No, not in the Hirchmann lib. Only full size DINs are there, not mini-DINs.

>> IEEE socket (drive side)
> The socket is already available in another library:  con-amp-champ


> Not sure about CBM-II (is that on 2mm spacing, like 264 series?). Either
> way, that's an oddball conn, so it should be added.

It's the same spacing as C64, just fewer pads.

> Actually, having the 6502/6510 pads labelled with signals helps keep
> errors down.

That's a valid point, I could use that myself when designing the
MultiKernal PCB now. But then, probably it would be best to put all the
CBM chips (CPUs, CIA, VIC, SID, TED etc.) with proper labels. Plus 2332
/ 2364 / 23128 ROMs (or are they in some lib as well)?

> I'd help monetarily as well.  I can add the items, as I use EAGLE a lot,
> but I tend to add conns only when I need them, so paying someone to make
> sure they are all in there and vetted would be of use, providing the lbr
> is released under some useful open source license (The OP was planning
> to do so, so I am not concerned, just restating the requirement)


> I guess it's up to the OP, but I would caution against putting stuff
> that already exists in this lib.  If you start, where does it end? I
> think both hirschman and amp-champ are part of the std lbr set.  I guess
> if a lib is hard to find, that might justify the inclusion, but I'd
> rather not see the entire set of TTL footprints in the CBM lib, just
> because some Commodore used that IC.

Yes, of course, as I said above.


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