Re: USER PORT plugs

From: Nicolas Welte <>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 07:17:14 +0200
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On 02.05.2013 00:36, wrote:
> On 2013-05-01, at 23:28, Nicolas Welte wrote:
>> We had this problem in the X1541 shop many years ago. So we switched to Sub-D shells like this one from KAPPE CG37S
> Looks promising. Even the angled cable exit would be fine. Do the USER PORT connectors fit properly to this and can be fastened with the supplied screws without modifications? What is that third screw? Some kind of press-cable fastener?

The two screws don't fit 100%, the distance of the mounting holes is one or 
two millimeters to long or to short (don't remember), but it worked well 
enough. The screws might be too short if you have old high quality 
connectors with the thicker mounting wings.

the third screw is for locking the cable. there is a moveable plastic piece 
inside the shell that is pressed onto the cable with this screw.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures here to show you the result.


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