Re: Eagle-Libraries for commodore-stuff (... and maybe others, too)

From: Nils Stec <>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 10:08:47 +0200
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The 6510 datasheet i found dass there are three different
versions, -1 and -2. Now i am at work but this evening i will send a link.

I will change the pads and add a TODO and CHANGELOG file, where i will
place everyones suggestions. I will also add an AUTHORS File.

I hope You like it,
Am 29.04.2013 07:57 schrieb "Jim Brain" <>:

> On 4/28/2013 5:48 AM, Nils Stec wrote:
>> Here's my first attempt on the big one. It contains a lot of chips and
>> connectors by now.
>> I will edit the symbols and packages, now they look quite different - not
>> good.
>> I hope you like it, more will be added!
>> I'll create a page with screenshots and author-information soon.
>> Nils
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> Was there really 3 different 6510 pinouts?
> What is the long tail ont eh 64 expansion port edge connector?
> It'd be nice if all DIPs has round hole and "oval" (or whatever those
> things are called) DIP package variants.  They are both useful at times.
> In general, I think someone should verify the edge connector footprints.
>  The VIC-20 ones, for example, seem too "fat" and don't seem to leave
> enough space between them, according to a cart sample I have sitting here.
>  I agree it's not .078, but the ones in the lbr look to be .1150, which
> seems much too wide.  Also, the backside legend (A and Z, for example)
> don't appear.
> Just some quick scans.
> Jim
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> Jim Brain
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       Message was sent through the cbm-hackers mailing list
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