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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 16:29:30 -0500
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How about a 556 timer that momentarily presses SHIFT+RUN/STOP a few seconds 
power is applied? Isn't there a patch that loads the first program on disk
instead of tape?

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On 2013-04-04, at 16:35, Ted wrote:

> All,
> I have written a short boot loader for the C64 ROM. I placed it in the
> unused area at $BF53 (48979) in the BASIC ROM (It just fit).

Nice idea.. just..

> [...] I would like to have the computer RESET ROUTINE call it a power on,
> not the warm start.
> Any suggestions how to wedge it into the startup?

.. exactly. Here comes the more tricky part. Unless you want to make a
custom KERNAL too.. /me thinks. I don't really see a way (putting aside how
to distinguish between "normal" and "power-up" reset conditions) to do it
only with BASIC ROM changes and keeping its all functionality.

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