8501 datasheet / information is wanted :)

From: Gábor Lénárt <lgb_at_lgb.hu>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2013 17:43:22 +0100
Message-ID: <20130203164322.GA8844@vega.lgb.hu>
Hi All,

I've decided to try to build some minimal system based on a 65xx CPU. The
"best" CPU I have for this purpose seems to be a 8501 from an otherwise
non-working C16, fortunately it was sockected (I am not sure if it's a
standard thing being socketed or not).

I've tried to search the internet and also specific forums (like 6502.org)
about information on this CPU but not so much found :( Also the information
about these CPUs seems to be hugely confusing, at least for me:

8500 is said to be a 6510 exactly, just made with HMOS process instead of

8501/7501 is mentioned as used in C16 and Plus4, but it's not mentioned what
is the difference between these two, and what's the difference between these
and 8500 (or 6510).

8502 is mentioned as the CPU of C128 and running at even 2MHz. Otherwise no
information about having any difference (other than the max allowed clock)
compared to 8501 (or 8500, or 6510 ....).

Also what seems to be a magic for me: it's often quoted as an imporant
feature of 8502 that being capable running on 2MHz, not only 1. However even
8501 runs at 1.76MHz (during blanking times, when TED does not need to
access memory?) in Plus4 so 8501 is allowed to run over 1MHz cleanly, it
seems. Does it mean that I can run 8501 at about 1.7MHz constantly without
problems, or this is only the effect that the average clock of a 8501 in C16
is about 1MHz (slightly more though) and 1.76 is only the peak?

Currently I am "playing" with an UM6502 (made by UMC) but I would be happy
to use 8501 instead (the integrated i/o port is great for a hobby project
like mine!), but I would need some information/datasheet first to understand
the differences between 8501 and 6502 (there are much more information
available on 6510, that's why I wamt to compare 8501 with that).

I've also asked this on 6502 formum, hopefully it's not a bad thing to
create some traffic and asking this here too ...

Thanks a lot!

- Gábor

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