Re: 8050 which will write but not format

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 11:36:08 +0100
Message-ID: <>
> Hi Rob,
> You might want to read an article called "Help for 8050 Speed Problems" in
> the
> June 1991 issue of Northwest Computer News.  You can download it here:
> It describes the operation of the tach circuit and suggests a few
> component
> replacements to improve its reliability.

Thanks Mike - that's a very interesting article. Although the speed checks
out good using C='s own disk tools, it's the only problem that appears to
match my symptoms. I successfully wrote several full disks worth of data
last night and verified it back, so normal writing of files works
perfectly, it's just the formatting that fails.

I also *found* my other 8050 which had been missing for the last month and
swapped in a known good analogue board and it worked 100%, so I know the
problem is on there somewhere.

My biggest problem is the lack of a working scope at the moment. I've been
prevaricating over the expense for the last few months but I've just been
offered a working Tektronix 465B which I've decided to buy. Maybe I wil
have more success with that. I have a laser tachometer on it's way to me
which I'll use to externally verify the RPM.

Cheers, Rob

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