Re: Replacement for broken 1541-II disk drive levers ?

From: Miika Seppanen <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 18:57:46 +0200
Message-ID: <>
26.11.2012 21:58, kirjoitti:
> While there is less than $0.10 in plastic in a lever, a $500 printer
> is not likely to deliver the surface finish most people would find
> "nice".  Functional?  Sure.  Aesthetic?  Not really.
> That's why I wrote about buying the brewery.. if all you need is one (or a few) small lever(s), give it to a printing service and get as good results as it gets today. You can even print it in stainless steel if you like ;-) It will still be out of place in terms of colour for example and not perfectly finished but will probably work well. The only thing is that someone has to make the model, but this is not a particularly complicated item to model.

Sure the printed product would be finished with other means to achieve 
more original-like look and feel. With this the most challenging part 
would be finding suitable paint with proper colour and tone. Of course 
this means, that it could be just as viable to make the lever from 
bigger block of plastic by machining - even wood or aluminum would make 
as well, and these would give more freedom for the selection of paint.


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