Re: 6569 vs. 8565

From: Gerrit Heitsch <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 21:12:00 +0100
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On 11/26/2012 09:02 PM, wrote:
> On 2012-11-26, at 20:04, Gerrit Heitsch wrote:
>> Also, some people claim, that the old clock generator (74LS629 and MC4044P on the 250407 boards) produces less jitter than the 8701.
> In any case I would be glad to put my hands on one "Japan board" of those.. The problem is that I can't buy all 64s of eBay in hope that one of them has inside the board I want ;-)
> And sellers usually don't know and don't want to open the machine to take a photo..

Well, the 250407 is one of the older boards, usually found in C64 from 
'83 and '84. Try to hunt down a C64 with the light brown F-keys 
(VIC20-keyboard), those have that board. You might even get one with a 
6569R1 (or R3) VIC in ceramic. :)

Like this one:


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