Re: 6569 vs. 8565

From: Gerrit Heitsch <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 20:58:48 +0100
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On 11/26/2012 08:51 PM, wrote:
> On 2012-11-26, at 20:04, Gerrit Heitsch wrote:

>> Maybe that generator in your 6569 is a bit 'off' with respect to signal quality? Have you tried a different 8701?
> After I fixed that second board I have now two working 250425s. Both behave almost identically. Swapping VICs and 8701s doesn't make any change.

What revisions of the 6569 do you use? Also, how hot do they run?

>> Also, some people claim, that the old clock generator (74LS629 and MC4044P on the 250407 boards) produces less jitter than the 8701.
> I watched the clocks from the 8701. They look differently on the wide and on the narrow boards but generally both seem to have similar jitter (as far as I can tell from measuring freq on different ranges) while the output from 8565 doesn't create the ghostings. The chroma output from 6569 and 8565 does differ significantly though. Hm, maybe I check with a "regular", not studio monitor. Who knows, maybe this one is more sensitive to things being off norm.

I only have a 1084 and 2 LCD (one a TV) with S-Video input. They all 
show the color ghosting differently. I have not tried CVBS.


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