Re: CBM 600/700 Diagnostic Cartridge

From: Christian Dirks <>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 18:43:06 +0100
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Hi Steve,
unfortunately, only a few parts of the set seem to be original commodore.
There are labels on the eprom and the user-port connector, that appear 
to be original.
The RS232C connector was missing. The other connectors were reduild ones.
The cartridge pcb is a 3rd party one. There is no housing.

According to the owner, who was a commodore wholesaler at that time, the 
diagnostic set was originally build by commodore, but they often were 
not able to deliver the sets. So he rebuild the sets for other dealers.


Am 22.11.2012 17:23, schrieb Steve Gray:
> Hi Christian,
> This is nice. Thanks for posting!
> I'm curious about the cartridge.. Is this an "official" CBM Cartridge, 
> or custom-made? I've never seen an official Commodore CBM-II 
> cartridge. All the ones I've seen are made by Handic.
> If so, could you take a few pictures of it (outside and inside) for 
> inclusion on my CBM-II web page?
> Thanks!
> Steve
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>     Hi all,
>     I was lent a CBM 600/700 diagnostic cartridge by a friend.
>     Although he had not all test connectors available, using the trial
>     and error method, I got it to work.
>     I documented the test connectors and dumped the EPORM.
>     The .bin file and the information on the test connectors can be
>     found at:
>     A look at the .bin shows it is mapped at $2000.
>     A cycle counter and the results of the runing test cycle are
>     displayed on the screen.
>     There is no SID test result diplayed. You should hear three pings
>     and a hiss.
>     Unfortunately, commodore did not implement counters for the test
>     results, so if a test fails once, but is OK in the next cycles,
>     the failure will not be noticed unless a bad cycle is observed.
>     Maybe someone with better programming skills would like to add
>     test result counters.
>     I think it also would be nice to have DRAM testing for banks 0-14,
>     not only 1-4.
>     Christian
>     -- Christian Dirks
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