CBM 600/700 Diagnostic Cartridge

From: Christian Dirks <Toast_r_at_IdeaLine.info>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 23:38:04 +0100
Message-ID: <50AD57CC.7040105@IdeaLine.info>
Hi all,
I was lent a CBM 600/700 diagnostic cartridge by a friend.
Although he had not all test connectors available, using the trial and 
error method, I got it to work.
I documented the test connectors and dumped the EPORM.
The .bin file and the information on the test connectors can be found at:

A look at the .bin shows it is mapped at $2000.
A cycle counter and the results of the runing test cycle are displayed 
on the screen.
There is no SID test result diplayed. You should hear three pings and a 
Unfortunately, commodore did not implement counters for the test 
results, so if a test fails once, but is OK in the next cycles, the 
failure will not be noticed unless a bad cycle is observed.
Maybe someone with better programming skills would like to add test 
result counters.
I think it also would be nice to have DRAM testing for banks 0-14, not 
only 1-4.


Christian Dirks

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