Re: Fixed the 8088 board in Commodore 610

From: Mike Naberezny <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 10:00:26 -0800
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Hi Michau,

On 1/22/12 12:55 PM, Michał Pleban wrote:
> Yes, in this sense you're right ;-) I will experiment with termination
> next week, now that I know which lines must be worked upon it's fairly easy.

I was talking with Steve Gray about this yesterday.  He went digging through 
his issues of CBUG Escape (the newsletter of the Chicago B128 Users Group) and 
found this article:

It mentions intermittent problems on the B128 (610) even with no coprocessor 
installed.  It recommends adding termination resistors on the DRAM data bus.


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