Re: CBM 6x0/7x0 1MB memory expansion

From: Christian Dirks <>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:22:40 +0100
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Hi *.*,
some time ago I built the described expansion into my 610.
At first, it did not work properly. There were random memory failures.
A program in memory mostly changed after a short time.
Since I only had only one 610 and no spare parts then, it took me some 
time to find out why.
To make the long story short: The PLA worked fine with 128 or 256k, but 
not with 1 MB, even with faster DRAMs.
The expanded 610 also works with the 'superPLA'.


Am 09.11.2012 00:19, schrieb Ullrich von Bassewitz:
> Hi!
> For those interested but not speaking german, I've translated the article from
> "Heute schon geust?!" describing the internal expansion of a Commodore 6x0 or
> 7x0 to 1MB of memory. Please note that the original article contained the part
> numbers for the CBM 610. For the 7x0 machines, you will have to lookup the
> corresponding numbers in the schematics.
> As a proof, there are also a few photos from my own machine that has 1MB built
> in since a few years.
> Enjoy!
>          Uz

Christian Dirks

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