RE: CIAs and PLA in a CPLD?

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2012 14:25:52 +0200
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Quartus is has web edition for  altera cpld / altera cyclones...

some MAX7000S CPLD exits in 5V version. (I'm using the PLCC version with a socket)

Lattice too has a free edition, I lattice appears even easier that altera quartus and 
Has CPLD with PLL 

Btw the vhdl for altera does not necessarily compile on the lattice or Xilinx.

For example:  with a CASE  xx OF  .... END CASE; ..
              a WHEN OTHERS is required for lattice / xylinx, not for quartus
	        (I still don’t know what is correct or not) (still learning..) 
they also have a breakout board

btw: thanks to Ruud for the pdf he sent about vhdl  :)  Il just bought the books.  

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> Altera Quartus is free, runs on Linux, and is a far superior piece of 
> software to Xilinx ISE. Also better for noobs, and is the same as that 
> used for C-One & Turbo Chameleon.

Ah either I have missed it back then when I made my decision, or they have changed licensing. I remember some kind of annual license renewal (which for me always happens in inconvenient times, so I try to avoid such stuff - Xilinx doesn't do that). If Altera have removed that, good.

Yes, indeed, I have heard complaining about Xilinx and their ISE a lot, I get along with it ok, but then I don't know any alternative and I am not a heavy user. And now I already have the software setup, the programmer, the cable and a few devices lying around, so ...


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