C128 with IEEE interface, some info needed

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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 20:56:44 +0200
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Hallo allemaal,

I'm busy combining a C128 and a PC into one case. Reason: because it 
looks like fun :) The idea is to let them communicate with each 
other using an IEEE interface. Why IEEE? Because I'm very lazy and 
using IEEE meand I don't have to program the PC part because I 
already have it: my own CBM-HD program :)
Regarding the IEEE part for the C128: I want to piggyback a 6526 
plus some buffers on top of one of the original 6526s. 

I want to incorperate the needed software in the original Kernals, 
both C64 and C128. As there is certainly not enough room to add it, 
I need to replace some original routines by my ones. (addition: that 
counts for the C64, but I haven't studied the ROM of the C128 yet; 
maybe there is some room left so I only have to add it)
There are two possebilities: either replacing the tape routines or 
replacing the RS-232 routines. The info I need is simple: I'm 
looking for lists that give me the ranges where I can find the 
various routines. I started with the tape routines:

$F179 - $F1B4
$F1DB - $F207
$F2C8 - $F2F0
$F38B - $F3D4
$F539 - $F5AE
$F65F - $F68E
$F72C - $FB8D
$FB87 - $FCE1

But it is possible that I overlooked something or, worse, that these 
ranges hold routines needed by other software. 

I have no idea what area I should use: tape or RS-232. Advice is 
welcome here as well.

Just popped up: right now I don't know anymore what was sacrificed 
so JiffyDOS could be incorperated. So I need to know the knowledge 
of both areas so I can combine both JD and IEEE.

Thank you for any info or advice!

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud Baltissen
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