Update on 6523's, 6525's, 6532's and 8501's

From: Rob Clarke <crock_at_clarke-family.org.uk>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 23:57:33 +0200
Message-ID: <500DC8CD.2000609@clarke-family.org.uk>
All, I have finally finished testing all the chips I received. Here is a 
summary of my testing, what I have found and what I have available.

For those that missed my previous post, there was no 6523's available. 
The supplier made a mistake and is was actually 6532 RIOT chips they had.

I received 10, which I tested in an SFD-1001 hooked up to a 4032 PET. I 
ran the SFD-1001 performance test from the supplied test/demo disk, with 
the RIOT chips in both positions, as I did not know whether they might 
only use a subset of the functionality. All 10 have tested good.

I receieved 30 and I tested them all with a 1551 and a plus/4, running a 
variety of looping megademo's which included both standard and 
non-standard loader routines. Of the 30 I received, only 13 worked. The 
supplier has been really good about this and has refunded the value of 
the non-working ones as they are unable to source more.

I'll offer up the 13 working ones based on there being one each for most 
people who asked for some, other than those who specifically made the 
case for buying on behalf of others, who may get two. I'll reply 
personally to everyone.

They all were tested in a plus/4 running a Diag264 test which includes 
the testing of all the on-chip i/o ports. I have 10 working ones to 
fulfil the requirements of everyone who wanted one.

The cost via paypal is a flat 12 CHF (Swiss Franc), 12 USD, 10 EUR or 8 
GBP per chip plus post and packing, whatever you prefer. If you want to 
do a bank transfer, that's OK, but it'll need to be CHF. This covers the 
cost to me, which was about $10 per chip, plus forex fees and shipping 
to me.

The outbound shipping will not be much, 2 or 3 chf per parcel.


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