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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 20:55:25 +0200
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Thanks, I’ll try to support the graphic card in my emulator for the PET on

(actually struggling with the video on a propeller…)


I’m trying to build a small card with a vga connector, an ieee-488 bus, a
user port

A ps/2 or us keyboard, and 1 or 2 sd cards


Something acting like a commodore 8032+ 64ext + graphic card

Something fun and cheap, just for fun and some friends….






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I have updated my HSG page with additional resources and links.


The D64 I posted has some extra non-related files at the top, but I wanted
to post it anyway for you. This reminds me I have to update my CBMXfer
program to allow files to be deleted inside D64 images ;-)


Anyway, I also posted all the roms that came with my 8032 machine with the
HSG board. Someone patched the PET roms to autostart the HSG basic
extensions, so those are included too.


Rob, do you mind if I include a couple of your pictures on my page?




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Thanks for this Steve. I tested the board and it appears to work. 
WooHoo! I will provide whatever info I usefully can. I would really like 
some better demo programs so yourt D64 would be great. I tested the 
board using the v. simple test program on page 5 of the manual, as can 
be seen from the screen shots.

Pics and a ROM dump:

@Mike : Although I live in Switzerland my German is awful, I can ask my 
kids or friends to help with translation where required.


On 22/07/2012 20:03, Steve Gray wrote:
> Rob,
> I'd love to see pics of your board and some screens. If you can contribute
to my hsg page that would be great too! We should compare roms as well to
see what differences, if any, there are to the 512x256 version that i have.
Im going to try posting a d64 of the demo programs i typed out for my board.
You can buy the thompson ef9366 chip for $15 on ebay, or the 65 like your
board for about $50.
> Steve
> On Jul 22, 2012, at 12:19 PM, Rob Clarke <>
>> Steve G found it for me:
>> On 22/07/2012 16:53, Rob Clarke wrote:
>>> Good afternoon gentlemen, I picked up an 8296 at the weekend which I
found has the 512 x 512 hi-res board installed. Does anyone have an english
version of the manual?
>>> cheers, rob
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