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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 13:53:14 +0200 (CEST)
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I had not read the entire thread - but if there are some 6532 available around there, I would be interested by a couple of those things as a life insurance for my IEEE devices. A 6525 for my B128 would also be welcome.

Regards - Hervé

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 I'd take two 6532A in addition to the 6525A, they are used in the IEEE488 floppies of which I have some.
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 Rob Clarke <> schrieb: Small problem. The supplier contacted me to say they've received the 
chips from their source but when checked, the 6523A's are in fact 
6532A's (RIOT chips.) These they have offered as replacements at $9 
each, which I'm going to take instead and distribute to those that are 


On 17/06/2012 18:07, Rob Clarke wrote:
> Gents, I've ordered 30 x 6525A's and 10 x 6523A's. (sadly no luck on 
> the 6510T and 6523T, sorry Gerrit)
> As I've just parted with over $400, I'll be a bit nervous until they 
> arrive, which I expect to be in about 2 weeks. Annoyingly, the 6525 in 
> my B series are all soldered, I could have sworn that one of them was 
> socketed. It will therefore require a bit of extra effort to check 
> them before I pass them on. Does anyone happen to know if the   ones in 
> 1551's are typically soldered?
> I'm going to keep 3 or 4 for myself and I will try to allocate the 
> rest fairly based on people's requests, assuming they test good. Any 
> leftover I will pass on to Jim for the good of the community.
> There appears to have been a bit of a misunderstanding regarding the 
> 8501's. In my original post I said that I had ordered some from them 
> in the past, not that they had any this time around. Nevertheless, I 
> do still have a few left, so I will pass on some to those that really 
> want some, but I don't have enough to fulfil everybody's requests.
> Finally, I am off on holiday for 3 weeks from early July, so it may be 
> a while before I'm ready to distribute them. I'll post updates here 
> with progress.
> Cheers,
> Rob,
> Sunny Switzerland
><  br />> On 13/06/2012 19:26, Rob Clarke wrote:
>> Given the interest, I have asked them to try and source 30 x 6525. They
>> will confirm tomorrow. Ordering 30 will also get me a better economy of
>> scale.
>> Rob
>>> Good evening gentlemen,
>>> I have a parts supplier in Shenzen, China who claims to be able to
>>> source 10 x 6525's and 10 x 6523A's for around $10 each. Although I was
>>> initially skeptical, they have come through with the goods twice now,
>>> including 20 x 8501's. They also refunded me the cost of ones that I
>>> could demonstrate did not work.
>>> Nevertheless, with a minimum order of $200 plus shipping, it's a fair
>>> outlay to be making. If I decide to bear the initial cost and order,
>>> would anyone else be willing to ch  ip in (pun intended) and buy some if
>>> they test as good? I haven't had a shipping quote yet but it'll 
>>> probably
>>> add around $2 per chip, so around $12 each.
>>> Let me know and I'll order at the weekend if there's sufficient 
>>> interest.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Rob
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