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Hi all,

Thanks for all your advices

I've downloaded the latest quartus,  looks nicer than ise...

I'm thinking to buy this product
To develop on cpld  

And I'm hesitating between this one
this one has vga but no sound and I like the possibility to add a lcd

and this one:
this one has sound + vga  

the de1 has sram + sdram  the de0 has only sdram

what is the use of 2 different type of ram ?   speed ? special use ?

btw if I develop on the max2 micro kit the finaly goal is to finally to
program real cpld not only the one
on the development board.

If I have correctly understood all the thread on the forum about cpld
I have to use MAX7000S (5v) and probably PLCC 

Something like this one EPM7032SLC44-10 or this one EPM7032SLC44-10

I am right or did I missed something ?

I want something compatible with a commodore.

Thanks for your advices


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I switched from Xylinx to Altera years ago and so tend to recommend their
stuff.  Their Quartus software is free , I recommend version 9.1 as there is
still waveforms for testing instead of text prinout.  There are also tons of
literature on their site.  Software and lit also free from Xylinx.

To get from reading PDF's  to something that you can interact with I
recommend grabbing a development board such as
for $86 USD
yNo=53&No=83  $150

You could start with the old Max series which act more like CPLDs than
Cyclones and there are some cheaper development boards $20-$50

I am in the process of developing an Altera based board that can be loaded
from an Arduino, I think learning to "write hardware" is a great experience.

Other Dev Kit pages on Altera's site


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