Re: MOS 6525 and 6523A's

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:41:01 +0200
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It's a fair point, I will try to find out. Was there a manufacturing 
difference or is it just a case of what speed they were tested at?

What if they can't be specific? The supplier is basically just a broker. 
I would need to know peoples standpoint before I order.

Gerrit - I'll also ask about the 6510T and 6523T,



On 13/06/2012 20:41, Christian Dirks wrote:
> Today I asked the friend I mentioned. He made me remember, that 6525A 
> are needed for the B series.
> If they are 6525A, he would take 3, added to mine.
> This means, if they are 6525A I would like 7.
> But if they are only 6525 they may be be not useable, and I would 
> cancel the whole order, including the 6523.
> Christian
> Am 13.06.2012 08:22, schrieb Christian Dirks:
>> Hi Rob,
>> I would take 4 6525 and 1 6523 if they are still available.
>> If there are more 6525 available, I am sure a friend would be 
>> interested.
>> Christian
>> Am 12.06.2012 23:30, schrieb Rob Clarke:
>>> Good evening gentlemen,
>>> I have a parts supplier in Shenzen, China who claims to be able to 
>>> source 10 x 6525's and 10 x 6523A's for around $10 each. Although I 
>>> was initially skeptical, they have come through with the goods twice 
>>> now, including 20 x 8501's. They also refunded me the cost of ones 
>>> that I could demonstrate did not work.
>>> Nevertheless, with a minimum order of $200 plus shipping, it's a 
>>> fair outlay to be making. If I decide to bear the initial cost and 
>>> order, would anyone else be willing to chip in (pun intended) and 
>>> buy some if they test as good? I haven't had a shipping quote yet 
>>> but it'll probably add around $2 per chip, so around $12 each.
>>> Let me know and I'll order at the weekend if there's sufficient 
>>> interest.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Rob
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