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From: Hoffmann-Vetter, Martin <>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 21:09:53 +0200
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>> AFAIK many countries in Europe used 220V or 240V (eg, in Hungary we
>> still name it as "220" even if it's not that anymore and we know
>> that). So (again: AFAIK) 230V was introduced as it was some kind of
>> "common ground" between these two values. I am not sure if 230V was
>> used before, or really it is just a "meeting point" between the used
>> 220 and 240.

Yes, the 230 is a new value in the middle between the older used values 220
and 240.

> Yep, that's right. The UK used to be 240v while the rest of Europe was
> largely 220v. In around 2008, it was all harmonised by doing precisely
> nothing. :-) The standard EU voltage is now 230V with a tolerance of
> -6% to +10% which allows from 216v -> 253v.

No, only in transition period the new asymmetric tolerance is defined in the
direction to the old value as 10% (plus 4%) when the value is defined
nominally as 230V. The other and the now defined tolerance is and was 6%!
Have a look at

Old value 220V (+/-6% or 207..233V): in transition 230V -10%/+6% or
207..244V, now 230V +/-6% or 216..244V
Old value 240V (+/-6% or 226..254V): in transition 230V -6%/+10% or
216..253V, now 230V +/-6% or 216..244V


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