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From: Mike Paull <>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 01:40:38 +1000
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> Hallo allemaal,
> During the cleaning I found a brown 1541 with a short board. But 
> this board has metal cases on the place where you normally find the 
> oscilator and the 74LS193. Instead of the normal "metal" sticker 
> mentioning the serial number it has a paper one: 0095621. On this 
> sticker is another paper one mentioning 240V. Which is weird 
> because until some years ago we had 220V, now 230V.
> All nice but now the cherry on the cake: it has a "metal" sticker 
> on the back mentioning "VIC-1540".
> IMHO this is one of the first brown 1541s, although I cannot call 
> 95621 early. Any suggestions?

Australia used to be a 240v supply up until the 90s.


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