Re: Anyone ever attach a mono LCD to a PET?

From: Rhialto <>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 13:08:23 +0200
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On Wed 09 May 2012 at 12:07:56 +0900, Philip Lord wrote:
> If you look  here you can see my PET 2001 motherboard in a suitcase.

Funny... when Ruud was here to drop off his SuperPET, he also left me a
PET 2001 motherboard. It looks nearly the same as yours but it has a few
small differences... one wonders how many different versions there were
already of the first version.

The one I have is "PET MAIN LOGIC ASSY 320132", printed in the left
bottom (compared to your first photo). I can't read the number on your
photo; it seems to be underneath the sticker. Mine doesn't have the
"Commodore C=" on the right above the 2nd tape connector J3. The I9 and
J9 positions have extra chips (74LS139N resp. SN74LS00N) and there is
even an extra red wire from the SN74LS00N to the 74LN244N at H9. The
text "COPYRIGHT 1978 COMMODORE INTERNATIONAL" is horizontal, due to the
smaller space because of the extra chips.

Unfortunately the ROMs are missing, except for the character ROM which
is a 6540. The RAMs are present (type 2114). The serial number seems to
be 13304. Somebody hacked off half the length of the cassette

That LED in the F row, I also have it. Strangely enough I don't remember
any LEDs like that from back when I first saw PETs at the school
computer club. Maybe it isn't supposed to light up, so that may be why I
don't remember it?

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