Re: Anyone ever attach a mono LCD to a PET?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 15:32:55 -0400
Message-ID: <>
On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 3:25 PM, Steve Gray <> wrote:
> Hi again,
> Heres a picture of  my NEC 1550M connected to a CDTV....

Nice.  I miss my CDTV.  I bought one new for $800, then it was stolen
in a burglary less than 2 months later.  I did get full payout from
the insurance company, but I decided not to replace it at the time.  I
haven't seen any for sale in many years.  I do have a CD32 (presently
hooked up), but the CDTV had a nice component look to it that the CD32


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