Re: Creating JEDEC files for PAL/GAL

From: Christian Dirks <>
Date: Fri, 04 May 2012 15:16:01 +0200
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There is an existing 1 MB solution that replaces the on board 4164 RAM 
with 41256 and adds one 74S153. It installs RAM to banks 0-14.
I have done it on my 610 but it is not fully working now. I think this 
is because i didn't have a 74S153 and used a HCT.
Right now I have some 74S153, but I haven't had the time to work on it 

The modification is described in this document:
This one is in "german", The phrasing is so bad, even a native german 
speaker has to read it about three times to fully understand it.

I think I will give it a try to translate it.


Am 04.05.2012 12:02, schrieb Michał Pleban:
> Hello!
> I am developing a 1MB RAM extension for CBM-II computers. I am going 
> to handle all glue logic by a 16V8 PAL chip.
> I bought some Atmel AFT16V8 and Lattice GAL16V8 chips. I also have an 
> EasyPro 90B programmer, which is supposed to be able to program these 
> chips.
> However, I have no idea how to create an appropriate JEDEC file for 
> programming the chips basing on logic equations or truth tables? I 
> can't seem to find any suitable software on the Internet. Can you 
> possibly recommend some?
> Regards,
> Michau.
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Christian Dirks

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