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Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 23:01:34 +0200
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I found  TED and 8501 on  The 8501 was really expensive, the
TED was ok
53?pt=Klassische_Computer&hash=item27c42d4621> &hash=item27c42d4621
8?pt=Bauteile&hash=item27bf676f18> &hash=item27bf676f18
tageComputing_RL&hash=item3f16f64959> &hash=item3f16f64959


I even found a 6529…





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They are junk. just send them to me! ;-)


Ok, seriously, the most common issue with most TED series machines is either
a bad TED chip or CPU chip. Since you have two machines you might want to
swap them around and see if that can make one work properly. Replacements
for those chips are hard to find.




From: Robert Sprokholt <>
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Subject: Repair advise

Today I got a couple of Commodore 232's. Two are not working :-(
Machine one: power led on, but black screen.
Machine two: screen full of C's

Where do I start to try and repair these machines?



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