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I'll be the odd one out here - I like the Plus4, it's much easier to use
than the C64 was and there's an enormous amount of user written software for
it surprisingly.... and the games are pretty good barring the sprite issue.

Add to that I had the foresight when Commodore Australia were running out
their excess stock to buy a couple of dozen of the packs - they came in a
big blue "picnic bag" with the computer, an MPS 803, 1541 (with adaptor),
tape drive and some cartridges for $AUD99 at the time. Quite collectable as
it turns out (at least here) - and the bags turned out to be really useful!


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Too funny as this reminded me of something one of the guys wrote about the
'84 CES show.  The guy's name was Steve Finkle, brother to Andy Finkle who
was head of the games group.  Steve was extremely witty and cynical and is
now an Assistant Attorney General in New Jersey. We always looked forward to
his take on events and he is also the author of the Siglish Dictionary which
translated Sig Hartman's (VP Software) into English.

So going on memory there was a piece that went "day two of CES and the
visitors continue to ignore the Plus 4 in droves, they compete to see who
can ignore it the most.  Members from Marketing stand by with knowing smiles
as they had beat everyone to the punch of ignoring the Plus 4 as they had
been ignoring it for months".

Sadley there was a lot of truth in what he wrote.

It also may have still been called the 264 at this point.


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until recently I totally ignored the plus4 I was not even aware that it was
really sold...
so I bought one and found a strange machine.

1/ it's not running any other commodore software (c64/vic20) 2/ it's totally
3/ the sound is so bad that its' not even thinkable to write a game for this
4/ why a 6551 an the lack of a complete serial port  (could be nice as a
terminal for emulations)...
5/ why not 80 columns (I think it would be terrible with 80 col).
6/ more colors but no sprites, so almost useless for the games..

when I check the schematics, there is some genius in this machine I like
it's simplicity

I found the way it's designed kind of fantastic. the 7501 / TED are doing
most of the job.

but I dont see any real use :(

- bad machine for games
- bad machine for professional use

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