Re: FPGA (was: 6809 / 6702 puzzle)

Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 20:45:48 +0200
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Are you interested in a physical card with the implementation of the 8088 coprocessor that you can plug into your existing CBM II or 
something else?

The cores are available for the 8088 (how good they are of course is another matter...) but not for the 6525 and 6526 chips (although 
these appear to fairly straightforward). I notice that the firmware and reverse-engineered schematics are available for this board. The 
8288 and 8284 are not straightforward, and the 8087 will be virtually impossible (without a significant amount of time and effort) 
although I rather suspect that most of the available software does not use the 8087 maths coprocessor as it was an expensive item back in 
those times.

I can't help thinking this is not going to be too easy - but let me chew it over for a while...


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> Hello!
> > A bit off topic - but would anyone be interested in an FPGA implementation of the SuperPET? I have already done an FPGA implementation 
> > the Apollo Guidance Computer from the schematics (see,agcnorm). Documentation on the front page is a bit
> > sparse so far but the VHDL source code is fully commented. I have also been working on an FPGA implementation of Clive Sinclair's 
> > of Cambridge MK14 (one of the first computers I cut my teeth on here in the UK) and the Vectrex games machine (the latter of which is 
> > based). I have most of the VHDL components to construct the processor, memory and display - but will have to work on the 'disk' from
> > scratch.
> Still more off-topic, but I would be more interested in  FPGA 
> implementation of the 8088 card for CBM-II computers (and I could pay 
> for it!) :-)
> Regards,
> Michau
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