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Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 16:46:49 +0200
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Hi Didier,

Bil Herd, the chief engineer on the project has talked long and openly on
the subject of the TED machines, along with some of the dubious management
decisions that took place after Jack left.

Here's a few resources:

Bil talking about the C116:

Three part interview with Earl Evans of Retrobits:


> Hi,
> until recently I totally ignored the plus4 I was not even aware that it
> was really sold...
> so I bought one and found a strange machine.
> 1/ it's not running any other commodore software (c64/vic20)
> 2/ it's totally different...
> 3/ the sound is so bad that its' not even thinkable to write a game for
> this machine...
> 4/ why a 6551 an the lack of a complete serial port  (could be nice as a
> terminal for emulations)...
> 5/ why not 80 columns (I think it would be terrible with 80 col).
> 6/ more colors but no sprites, so almost useless for the games..
> when I check the schematics, there is some genius in this machine
> I like it's simplicity
> I found the way it's designed kind of fantastic. the 7501 / TED are
> doing most of the job.
> but I dont see any real use :(
> - bad machine for games
> - bad machine for professional use
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