Re: 6809 / 6702 puzzle

Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 21:23:57 +0200
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> Hi Dave,
> Do you know enough about the 6702 checks now to modify the original binaries 
> to bypass them?
> I have a version of Waterloo microEditor where the check was removed by ISPUG 
> members.  Before the 6702 emulation was added, I played around with microBASIC 
> in VICE for a couple of hours.  I started tracking from _suicide and was able 
> to get it to display the banner but it crashed before the prompt.  I've only 
> been using the 6809 for a short time.
> I'd really like to see the protection removed from the Waterloo disks.  On 
> SuperPETs with 3 boards, the 6702 is on a daughtercard that is removable. 
> Some SuperPETs may no longer have a 6702.  This includes one of mine; I 
> donated its 6702 to be decapped and photographed.  The 6702 is also the only 
> component preventing a SuperPET hardware replica.
> Thanks,
> Mike


I have just finished removing the 6702 protection from the second release of the Waterloo Language disks (in D64 format). It took a bit 
longer than I thought - because I ended up confusing myself once or twice in the process! I believe I have got everything now.

I have also added some "Hello Dave" programs in all of the different languages to the first disk as a test. It took a while to remember my 

If I write a Word document (detailing what I have done to remove the code) and send it and the two D64 images to you - could you put it on 
your website for other interested parties?



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