Re: GPIB to USB interface

From: A.Fachat <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 11:18:05 +0200
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Yes, the route to use CBM drives from the PC seems to be the exclusive route these days.

But I am also looking into using the PC as a floppy drive for my PETs. 

I have done this over a serial line for my own 6502 operating system, so a server side is actually available. It's "just" a matter of writing an atmega client that works as drive and communicates with the PC via serial over usb.

I even have an XS1541 here but didn't have the time... But since my homebuilt printer-port ieee488 interface for the PC broke, and I am using cn232 with my only PC left with a serial i/f, the pressure gets stronger...

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As time goes by, it seems harder and harder to interface our modern 
computers with Commodore machines and drives. Our PCs no longer come 
with RS-232 or Centronics ports, which were used in the past to connect 
to IEC and IEE-488 drives.

So yesterday I had a thought to utilize a GPIB to USB interface to 
connect our PET drives to a PC. Such interfaces are available from 
multiple vendors in about $150 price range, which may not be very cheap, 
but still quite affordable.

I don't know if anyone had gone this route before, and if so, with what 


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