8250lp drive closing lever broken

From: Rhialto <rhialto_at_falu.nl>
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 17:23:54 +0200
Message-ID: <20120401152354.GD13917@falu.nl>
I still wanted to try the ZoomFloppy with my IEEE drives, and I found
some floppies which might be 8x50 format, so I dug into storage for the
appropriate drives.

I wasn't lucky... the first drive I tried, a 8050, didn't pass its
self-test (3 blinks, ROM $C000-$DFFF).

The second one, a 8250lp, had a more "interesting" issue. I inserted a
floppy and turned the knob/lever/thingie to close the drive. That broke
something inside... the knob now could turn freely but the drive wasn't
actually closed. The other drive still worked, but "cbmctrl dir 8 1"
somehow never listed any files on any of the floppies that I tried. It
gave just the header and the footer (blocks free). Even after I wrote a
file on a test disk it didn't appear in the directory listing. d80copy
doesn't seem to be able to work with drive 1.

I removed the cover from the drive, but that clearly didn't give access
to the insides of the actual drive mech. It looks like just about all
electronics need to be removed to even reach some of the drive mech
screws; and even if the mech is out, it seems to have shielding that
also hides the view on what happens with the drive closing lever...

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