Re: commodore plus 4 without sound...

From: HÁRSFALVI Levente <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 01:20:37 +0200
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Hi Didier,

On 2012-03-29 22:25, Didier Derny wrote:

> I think there is still a problem on the sound (the level is low even at VOL
> 8)

I'd suggest checking the cable wiring again, before making further steps.

As you said, the sound signal is very weak. Well, practically, the audio 
output buffer in the Plus/4 rarely (if ever) breaks. Not impossible to 
see it, but it's very unlikely. From the other hand, as you said, you 
had to make a new cable to be able to see something on the display (at 
all). From that, I get, your cable is new and has not been proven to 
work correctly (yet).

The sound signal should be taken from pin 3 of the DIN plug.

You can actually experience a weak audio signal if you accidentally take 
the signal from pin 5. This is the EXT AUDIO input (...although an 
input, a small proportion of the internal sound signal can usually be 
found here).

> Btw: I've not been able to find a 8 Pins din connector suitable with the
> plus 4
>       I used a 5 pins one from lextronic.

That's perfect as long as you're using composite video. You'd only need 
a 8-pin one once you start experimenting with separate luma/chroma a.k.a 
s-video connection. Joe/STA used to have a page about these things, let 
me look it up...

He lists the preferred 8-pin DIN as DIN41524 (262-degree). According to 
him, the other, not suitable one is DIN45326 (270-degree).

Conrad usually keeps the 262-degree plug on stock. (...Not an optimal 
one, IMHO, they're a bit expensive, and I also don't know whether 
they're around in France, so if you can find a different source, you 
should probably go for that one).

Best regards,


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