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From: Clarke Rob (KVYD) <>
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 18:06:02 +0100
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Has someone actually created a drop in FPGA 6502 yet? I thought the only
modern source of 90% compatible 6502's was the WDC...
I'd add the RRIOT, 7501/8501 (as just mentioned by Gerrit) and
WD1770/1772 (1571/81 floppy controller) to that list as well.

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Rob, you beat me to it. But I'll add that the 6502 has been done as well
by photographing the actual chip by the Visual6502 people
What I would like to see is some recreations of some of the the more
obscure/hard-to-find chips like:
6509, 6525, TED, VIC-III (and the other C65 chips).

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	Hey Bil - PLA and SID have already been done!
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	I cant help but feel that using today's FPGA technology and PCB
	socket that it would be possible to make drop in replacements
for all of
	these old chips, maybe even SID.  Find the right conditions for
I/O to
	emulate the drive and speed of NMOS lines including going into
and out
	of Hi-Z .
	Someone would have to need one heck of a hobby though.
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