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Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 20:19:22 -0600
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On 1/23/2012 3:40 PM, wrote:
> Hallo allemaal,
> I don't know if I mentioned it here but quite some time ago some
> shelfs in my room colapsed. During the clean up I put some things
> aside that I haven't found yet, like my REUs and CP/M module :(
> But I found my uIED/SD back yesterday :) Regarding the last, I have
> looked for a manual on GO4RETRO but didn't find one. If I understand
> correctly, Jim only produces the hardware. My question: where can I
> find one ? And otherwise: what do the three buttons? provides link to the readme and 
the mailing list (which has additional information).  I will, though, 
add the Wiki link already noted.  Did you see that page?

As for the buttons, S1 = Forward in Swaplist, S2 = Back in Swaplist, S3 
= Reserved
> I also ordered a ZoomFloppy that I hope to receive soon. The ZF is
> to read/write IEEE drives. My question: has anyone thought about it
> using the ZF in the other way i.e. a PC + ZF as drive?
Parts came for the C=Key units tonight, so I hope to fill orders 
> I lately bought a CMD drive with a old big IBM SCSI harddrive. It
> biggest disadvantage: it holes are not on the standard place. I have
> a 540 MB and even two 2 GB laying around: smaller, correct holes and
> less powerconsuming. I tried all of then but the only thing the CMD
> shows are the two green activity LEDs continuously. The manual
> doesn't mention anything but just to connect the drive and run a
> program. But I haven't done the last. Any tips/mor pricese
> instructions are welcome! Two more questions:
You'll need to run the program from theCMD HD util disk to "format" the 
drive and put the OS on the drive (system partition)
> - what Id should the drive have? (I have no idea what the momental
> drive has)
It can be anything but 7, as I recall.  In any event, the utiliy SW 
won't allow you to choose an incorrect id.
> - can I connect more then one drive to the flatcable? That's what
> I'm used to do im my old RS/6000's. But the manual doesn't say, may
> be wih a reason? (except a second drive doesn't fit in the original
> case :)
You can, but note that the partition map for all drives is located on 
the first drive on the bus (I would assume the lowest numbered one).  
THat made things like SCSI ZIP and JAZ drives a bit harder to use, since 
they all had to share the same partition layout.

> There are two ROM versions for the 1581: 318045-01 and 318045-02.
> They only differ a dozen bytes. Does anybody know why?
> FYI: JiffyDOS has been based on 01.
Dunno.  I would *assume* CMD's ods negated the need for the fix.

BUt, I'll ask Mark Fellows.  He probably does not remember, but one 
never knows.
> Thanks for any help, info, etc. !!!
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