Question on Commodore 720 PSU

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2012 22:33:46 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Good evening gents,

Thanks to Ruud and Jens, I have all the missing IC's for my 720. It came 
with all the cables disconnected and I haven't been brave enough to hook 
it all up yet but I have connected the PSU to check the voltages and 
have a couple of questions.

o Are the PSU's in the 6 & 700 series have any history of being flaky or 
are they generally OK?

o There is a 4 way, in-line power connector cable tied near PSU with 
gnd, +5v and +12v and I don't think it connects to anything on the MB - 
anyone know what it's for?

o If I connect the power to the monitor without connecting the video 
cable from the MB, should I expect to get any sign of life from it? I 
would of thought I would have at least heard the HV whistle (it's a long 
time since I had a CRT( but it seems ominously quiet.

o There are earth straps with a ring connector from the monitor and the 
PSU. Were these strapped to a screw on the motherboard or to some other 
part of the case?



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