Re: Additional SIDs

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 21:49:46 +0100
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On Thursday 01 December 2011, you wrote:
> On 2011-12-01, at 18:10, Groepaz wrote:
> > no, chameleon does (and will) not emulate scpu.
> Are there hardware limitations that prevent it? from being able to emulate
> scpu? I was under impression that emulating A500 (which Chameleon
> supposedly does already) is more of a challenging task in all aspects than
> scpu. Although I admit I've never had scpu so I might be missing
> something.

a) we dont have a 65816 core. writing one from scratch which is halfway 
accurate is a LOT of work
b) making it work on the chameleon hardware with a fixed 20mhz clock will not 
be easy, since the sdram is also used by the drive emulation and the vga 
framebuffer (which eats bandwidth)
c) the scpu contains copyrighted software (firmware roms) which can not be 
copied without a license
d) last not least: the fpga is getting full, and an additional 65816 core 
would most likely not fit.

so, i guess that in theory an scpu core could be implemented, but it is not 
part of the "turbo chameleon 64" project.


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