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From: Groepaz <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 17:55:48 +0100
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On Wednesday 30 November 2011, you wrote:
> Hallo allemaal,
> Years ago I found a game called "SS Panzer" between disks donated
> to the club. The Back syays "SS Panzer by Horst Wessel". It is from
> a company called "Pirate Software" located in London.
> I had the feeling that it was a piece of nazi glorifying software
> so I never played it. But I did it just 5 minutes ago and (so far)
> it is just driving a tank through the field and shooting bunkers
> and other tanks. No swastikas or SS signs to be seen, no music.
> Has anybody ever heard of it?

never heard of it... but "by horst wessel" tells me that it IS infact (at 
least meant to be) glorifying nazi crap :) not unlikely that it is a hacked 
version of some other game (like "hitler diktator" is a hacked version of "der 


Ach, lass mich doch mit deinen Argumenten in Ruhe. Ich habe schon eine 

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