Re: SFX Expander programming and VICE

From: Daniel O'Shea <>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 22:07:05 +1100
Message-ID: <>
Your PRG file worked for me under WinVICE (and sounds great!) but was 
silent under VICE on linux?

On 26/11/11 21:31, Gábor Lénárt wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 02:12:20AM +0100, Groepaz wrote:
> [...]
>> if you manage to come up with a small test program (that works on the real
>> thing) - PLEASE post a bug on the vice bugtracker :) soundexpander/sampler are
>> both kinda hard to test with the original software.
> This is a quite large C64 prg file. It is only large because of the included
> "song". Also if it produces any sound somehow (it should, but it does not
> work for me with VICE) it may sounds poor, since the timing information is
> not so correct yet. Anyway, if I ever can make it hearable, I would clean
> the rest of the program and give the source, just first I like to make sure
> it works at all: at this point I am not 100% sure if it is my fault that
> it does not work or not. Unfortunately I have no real hardware (I have C64,
> but not the cartridge) that's why I would need VICE to test.
> The heart of the code is just this:
> loop:
>   [...]
>   STA $DF40 ; YM register select, register number in A now
>   [...]
>   STA $DF50 ; write the register data, data in A now
>   [...]
>   Looping ...
> There are enough instructions between the two STAs and between do the
> looping, so the needed minimal delay after YM register select/data write is
> provided in this way.

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