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Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 21:52:35 -0400
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Just curious, how does your cartridge compare in speed to the Commodore REU?

I have never seen a Commodore memory speed benchmarking program... but I had
to ask. :)

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Subject: SID Symphony II Cartridges now available


I've made my first push into memory expansion, and would like to let
everyone know that I will soon have an REU clone available.

A working prototype now exists and parts are on order for a limited run.
These are intended more for folks who already have an REU but who want to
upgrade as cheaply as possible (by using the 8726 REC chip from an existing
unit), but I will include the REC chip for an extra cost, while supplies

Pre-orders are now being taken, with shipping starting late this month.
These will be selling for $34.95 for the 1 MB size and no REC chip, $54.95
for 512K *with* an REC chip, and $65.10 for 1 MB and an REC chip.

As usual, anyone who wants one need only head over to my store page at [ ].

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