Re: SID Symphony II Cartridges now available

From: Konrad B <>
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 22:56:37 +0100
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Hi Vanessa,

Where do you get the RECs from ? Any secret source of the MOS/CGS chips ? ;)


2011/11/2 Vanessa Ezekowitz <>

> Announcement:
> I've made my first push into memory expansion, and would like to let
> everyone know that I will soon have an REU clone available.
> A working prototype now exists and parts are on order for a limited run.
>  These are intended more for folks who already have an REU but who want to
> upgrade as cheaply as possible (by using the 8726 REC chip from an existing
> unit), but I will include the REC chip for an extra cost, while supplies
> last.
> Pre-orders are now being taken, with shipping starting late this month.
> These will be selling for $34.95 for the 1 MB size and no REC chip, $54.95
> for 512K *with* an REC chip, and $65.10 for 1 MB and an REC chip.
> As usual, anyone who wants one need only head over to my store page at [
> ].
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> things aren't, and when you learn that, life improves."
> Vanessa Ezekowitz <>
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