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From: Anders Carlsson <>
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 14:16:13 +0100
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Didier Derny wrote:

> Later, Commodore produced an international keyboard (I think it was 
> developed by Commodore Germany)

Hm, interesting. Over here in Sweden, almost all PET/CBM and CBM-II were 
localized with Swedish keyboards, I suppose custom installed by Datatronic. 
There were both full keycap replacements and just stickers, used 
interchangedly depending on availability I think. They went on with selling 
both pre-localized and DIY kits for the VIC-20 and C64, and for a long time 
it has been known as one of relatively few markets where Commodore 
officially sold keyboard localized machines. The character and Kernal ROMs 
had to be replaced to match the keyboard layout, but no translation of Basic 
error messages or other silly things.

It sounds like you in France did pretty much the same thing as they did in 
Sweden, but perhaps not as thoroughly backed up by Commodore overseas?

> One of the biggest task, was to convert the software to use a French 
> keyboard.

Hm, yes. You have AZERTY keyboards with numbers in shifted mode and all 
sorts of interesting things. I understand that would require a bit more 
rewrites of some software than just swapping a few square brackets and pound 
sign for additional letters.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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