Re: C16/Plus4

From: Gerrit Heitsch <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 15:32:14 +0100
Message-ID: <>
> That's the circuit I tested and it works quite well. It should work on
> TED as well since the pin description mentions the 1KOhm to GND on one
> signal and the pullup on the other.

Update: I found that I had all the parts so I spent some time with a C16 
PCB and replaced the modulator with this circuit. It works, and even 
though it's a hack job on a 1 inch square of leftover PCB the picture 
looks better.

I assume that the modulator is the same in all 264 systems so the 
following information should apply to all of them:

Modulator pinout:

   1 O    O 8
   2 O    O 7
   3 O    O 6
   4 O    O 5

1: Sync/Luma out
3: Chroma out
4: Chroma in
8: Sync/Luma in
7: +5V

The copper plane the modulator sat on is GND.

in  = Signal from TED
out = Signal to Video output

View: Top of PCB, modulator removed, 1 and 8 are farthest from CPU.

Video output connector:

Chroma   : 6
Sync/Luma: 1


Chroma   : 13
Sync/Luma: 23

As usual, I'm not responsible for damage to hardware or user if someone 
tries to use this information and screws up.



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