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From: Anders Carlsson <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 21:43:11 +0100
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Didier Derny wrote:

> I don't understand why you are deploying so much energy for a series
> of machine (C16/Plus4) that (for me) has almost never existed.

Well, it seems the less common a machine is, the more energy is spent
on trying to recover all known information and resources for it.

Personally I'm not terribly excited about the C16 and Plus/4 neither,
but I've come to accept their existance and will read and participate
in the discussion as far as I have something to add.

In this case we're blessed with having a former Commodore engineer who
spent a lot of work on the series, adding tidbits of facts and memories
to the discussion. We could just wish more ex-Commodore people found
mailing lists like this one and liked to share their memories and see
that people still are trying to use these machines 20-30 years later.

> Was it sold in other countries?

Obviously it was sold in most PAL countries as well as an NTSC version.
Perhaps the country where it made the biggest impact was Hungary where
Commodore sold off surplus computers far below the retail price.

Nowadays, the going rate on eBay etc isn't particularly high but over
time as even more CPU's and TED chips stop working, perhaps the market
value for working machines will increase some.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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