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From: Groepaz <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 17:45:35 +0200
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On Thursday 27 October 2011, you wrote:
> > if the istore would be free, this discussion would not exist
> If the software was truly free, sharing would not be mandatory, and anyone
> who wanted could compile it and submit it on the store.  Forced sharing is
> at least as dictatorial.

free beer != free software. as for "free" - why do i have to submit it to a 
"store" at all to begin with ?

> The source code was free and released.  The issue was that the binary you
> got from the store could not be given to someone else because of the DRM -
> they had to download it from the store, where it was free to download.  So
> this free software which was downloadable for free and for which source
> was free was not free enough for religious zealots, and every consumer
> suffered for it.
> And there are probably ways around it, for example now that it is legal to
> jailbreak your device, you could include source with the store version and
> anyone who wanted could download it to the device they chose to jailbreak
> and compile it - if they choose not to jailbreak and compile so be it, but
> it would still comply with GPL 2 I think.  One might argue the DRM
> precludes it, but I would counter argue that I prefer the additional
> security that code signing imposes and that as such it is not DRM but a
> firewall I choose to run (by not jail breaking) to protect myself against
> unsigned code execution.

no, like i said. if you give the binary to someone, then you also must provide 
the sourcecode to compile that exact binary - including whatever 
"postprocessing" (which might be DRM).

and ofcourse the binary must be free itself to begin with.

all that said, donate one of these ithings to me and i will port vice to it, 
no problem (it should be fairly easy infact). hint: i dont need nor want a 
cellphone :)


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