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Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 10:54:11 +0200
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Hi Bil, it would be a pleasure. You can use anything I send you as you
see fit. I'll put together some info's and a pack of pictures and send
them to you over the weekend. I also have a pre-production plus+4 which
came from the same source as the 232 and a pre-prod C16 board with hand
re-workings which came from Commodore's Corby plant in the UK. Most
TED's and PLA's are ceramic and have EPROMS.

Could you answer a couple of questions on the TED architecture / history
which have always bothered me? How did the economics justify designing
and building the 7501 CPU for the TED series when the 6510 was already
well established. Was is just because you really needed the extra two
ports on the $01 register or was there other reasons?

Something else that has always niggled at me is how the TED gets reset
when it doesn't appear to have a reset line. The two pseudo registers at
$3E and $3F control whether RAM or ROM is visible. If the machine is
RESET when RAM is visible, how does the CPU see the ROM's? What tells
TED to bank the ROMS in on reset?

I'll mail you over the weekend.



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Hi Rob
Yes, please send pics if you don't mind my posting them and some
background.  I used to have a 232 in my office as well as a 364, I
didn't know any got out and later I kicked myself cause I know some went
in the trash.

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Hey Bil - I just acquired a mint condition, fully working pre-production
232 (the 264 with no user port/ACAI, no option ROM's and weird 32k ram
circuitry). I'll provide pics & info if it's of use to you.



On 26/10/2011 17:15, Bil Herd wrote:
> Hi Anders,
> I was going to post these on my website with thanks, could you remind 
> me of where and what condition this was found in?  Was it in a case or

> just a PCB?  I seem to remember it was found in a storage are for a 
> software shop/developer/outlet, I forget which country.
> Bil
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> On Fri, 23 Sep 2011, Bil Herd wrote:
>> Any chance I could repost those pics?
> You are welcome.
> If required, I can take new/better/more detailed pictures.
> Best regards
> --
> Anders Carlsson
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