1540 Prototype

From: Mike Naberezny <mike_at_naberezny.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:11:14 -0700
Message-ID: <4EA482F2.70607@naberezny.com>
Hi all,

I have what appears to be a 1540 drive prototype.

Here are some photos of the board:

Externally, it is a 2031S (a single full-height 5.25" drive for PET/CBM in a 
metal case).  Unlike a normal 2031S, this drive has a completely different 
circuit board and has an IEC port instead of IEEE-488.

The top of the board has the markings:

   ASSY 15400000

and on the bottom:

   FAB 1540001
   ARTWORK 1540000
   REV 1

The board is unlike any production drive I've seen.  It has no solder mask and 
looks like it was soldered by hand.  It has a few trace cuts and fixes.  It's 
clear that the board was made specifically for the 2031S chassis and the 
full-height drive.

I have not powered it up.  A previous owner has installed a 6502 where a 6522 
should be.  It also has the ROMs for a 2031 installed, which can't work with 
the IEC interface.  I plan to compare the board against the 1541.  If it's 
close, I'd like to try and bring it up with the 1541 ROMs.


Mike Naberezny (mike@naberezny.com) http://6502.org

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